The Military Ceremony for the Closing of the Academic Year and Graduation for students of the Hydrography and Oceanography Officer Category "A" course, and the course for Seafarers, Specialty Mechanical Hydrographer Oceanographer, class 2017, was held on Monday, 4 December, in the Courtyard of Honor of the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy (SHOA).

During the ceremony, led by the Director of Education of the Navy, Rear-admiral Mr. Gonzalo Maldonado Valdes; Director and Head of the Training Center of the Service, Rear-admiral Patricio Carrasco Hellwig, emphasized the academic work that this entity has been developing, which has allowed to proudly show the distinction of constituting one of the most important Hydrography and Oceanography specialization courses of the continent.

"This new class of Officers and Sea Men adds up to the long list of students who have passed through the classrooms of the Training Center, which has marked a path of excellence in the educational and formative task of the Chilean Navy, since the graduation of the first official Seafarers and Hydrographers in 1917, and now reaching a standard that has crossed our borders. We are proud that every year a greater number of students are applying to specialize in Hydrography and Oceanography”, he said.

After his speech, the Director of Education of the Navy, together with the Director of the Service, presented a recognition to Second Lieutenant Ms. Nicol Alarcón Vergara, for being first in her class in the Hydrography and Oceanography Course Category "A". Also, the Assistant Director of Education of the Navy, Captain Mr. Claudio Carrasco Hellwig, accompanied by the Deputy Director of SHOA, Captain Mr. Enrique Silva Villagra, presented a recognition to the First Sailor Ms. Gloria Garrido Muñoz, for being first in her class, in the Mechanical Hydrographer Oceanographer Course.

Then, the students who graduated from both specialties were presented with their diplomas. They were encouraged to take pride in their status as students of the Training Center of SHOA, since the knowledge acquired in their classrooms will be their cover letter, allowing them to apply all the knowledge to face the challenges that lead them into achieving the goals they set for themselves.