Professionals of the Hospital Naval Almirante Nef, led by its Director, Captain Mr. Ivo López Eterovic, visited the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy (SHOA) on Monday, November 27. The objective of the visit was to learn more in depth about the job performed by the Service.

At the beginning of the activity, the doctors were welcomed by Admiral Patricio Carrasco Hellwig, who, along with providing a warm welcome, stressed the importance of civilian members of the institution to be aware of the work done by the SHOA.

In this regard, the Director of the Service, referred to the various tasks and responsibilities of this Division, emphasizing the development of the National Nautical Cartography, an activity that has been conducted for over 140 years, and in which settles the raison d'être of the SHOA.

He also rendered account of the delivery to Marine Scientific Research, through the National Oceanographic Committee (CONA). The actions of SHOA in the control and dissemination of the Official Time of Chile, as well as in the operation of the National Tsunami Warning System (SNAM), are the responsibility of the Service as the only official authority of the State for these purposes.

In the latter task, the Director of SHOA explained the procedures and protocols that are carried out in conjunction with the agencies involved in emergency management. He also stressed the technological capacity that the Operations Room of SNAM possesses, which is in an ongoing process of modernization according to the needs and new demands involving respond in a timely and efficient manner to a seismic event that has the characteristics to generate a tsunami on the coast of Chile.

After the presentation, the delegation visited the Operations Room of SNAM and Shelter, where they could see first-hand the capabilities available to this office to deal with future emergencies.