In order to study the fjords accessing the Southern Patagonian Ice Fields, on Monday 23 October, scientists from five academic institutions and one research center, embarked themselves on the AGS "Cabo de Hornos" to begin the Marine Scientific Research Cruise in Remote Areas - "CIMAR 23 Fiordos".

On this occasion, the Cruise has planned to tour the area between Canal Baker and the Estrecho Nelson, including Caleta Tortel and Puerto Eden, establishing 50 measuring stations, where the eight selected projects will develop studies about geology and marine biology, as well as quantification of particulate organic matter. Additionally, the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy (SHOA), will conduct a study on the monitoring of the water column in the inland sea of the Southern Patagonian Ice Fields.

The Cruise led by Ms. Daniela MACHUCA Cabrera, along with a team of 4 specialists from SHOA and 14 researchers, aims to improve and increase knowledge of the glacial-marine environments; the dynamics of high rainfall and glacial melt and its effects on the distribution of organisms along the fjords.