The Military Ceremony for the Closing of the Academic Year and Graduation of the Hydrography and Oceanography Officers Category “A” and the Class of Graphic Arts, year 2016, took place on 11 December, in the Yard of Honor of the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy (SHOA),

During the ceremony, the Director and Head of the Instruction Centre of the Service, Rear-admiral Patricio Carrasco, emphasized the work performed by the Instruction Centre of the SHOA, which is proud to be one of the most specialized in terms of Hydrography and Oceanography in the American continent. Year after year the Centre has formed several professionals and technicians, training not only Officers from the Chilean Navy, but also students who come from different institutions around the world, all of them trained to have solid and proper knowledge for their work on board or in land.

“The solid education that they have received in the Instruction Centre of the SHOA and the experience that you shall value from now on will lead you to be the experts the Chilean, Colombian, Mexican and Ecuadorian Navies need, and we expect you to perform it with true professionalism.” Said Admiral Carrasco.

After his speech, he acknowledged Colombian Lieutenant Commander Mr. Javier Gomez Torres, for being the best student in the Hydrography and Oceanography Category “A” Course, and Sailor Silvio Grimaldi Gonzalez for being the best student in the Graphic Arts Course. 

             Finally, Rear admiral Carrasco, in company of the Deputy Director of the Service, Commander Enrique Silva and the Head of the Instruction Department, Lieutenant Commander Felipe Barrios, presented the graduating students with their certificates in a ceremony attended by the personnel of the Service and the students’ families.