The Director of the SHOA Rear-admiral Mr. Patricio Carrasco Hellwig gave a presentation about the advances and challenges that the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy (SHOA) has encountered in the last few years to a delegation of Retired Admirals led by the Vice-admiral Mr. Ariel Rosas. The presentation was also attended by Rear-admirals Mr. Óscar Aranda; Eduardo Oelckers; Arturo Oxley; Rodolfo Soria-Galvarro; Jorge Vidal and Víctor Zanelli.

During the presentation, which took place 30 November, Rear-admiral Carrasco talked about the most important aspects of the modernization process of the Service, in terms of infrastructure; as well as technological innovation, and training for the personnel working different areas.

The Director of the SHOA emphasized the constant work in the area of National Nautical Charts production, as well as everything related to the Marine Scientific Research and the operation of the National Tsunami Warning System (SNAM).

After the presentation, the admirals toured the premises of the Service, where they learned on-site about the duties of the SHOA and acknowledged the great labor performed by the personnel.