Between October 10 and 14, in the premises of the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy (SHOA), important meetings will be held in the framework of the GEBCO project, an initiative that dates back to 1903 after the support given by Prince Albert I of Monaco, and whose purpose is to keep the series of Hydrographic charts called "General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans".

This project, established jointly with the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO, through its Steering Committee provides guidance and makes recommendations on policies to be followed for the preparation and distribution of world ocean chart series and several other products.

At the beginning of the activity, the participants were welcomed by the Director of SHOA, Rear Admiral Patricio Carrasco Hellwig, who gave them a warm welcome as host of this important meeting.

During the conference, representatives from various countries including USA, Canada, Japan, France, Argentina, Korea, the Philippines, Colombia, New Zealand and Germany, will participate in various meetings, among which are the Technical Sub-Committee on Ocean Mapping (TSCOM) and the sub - Committee on Regional Undersea Mapping (SCRUM). Also, the XXXIII Meeting of the Directing Committee will be held, of which Chile is a member.

On October 12, in the offices of the Naval Club of Valparaiso, the XI version of the Day of the Bathymetric Sciences of GEBCO will take place, instance in which communities related to bathymetry exchange, learn and collaborate between themselves. Among the topics to be considered are the human impact and the mapping of the seabed; emerging technologies; status report and tools for processing and modeling data, among other things.

GEBCO Project

The Project is led by a Steering Committee composed of 10 professionals, five representing the IHO and five representing the IOC. The Director of SHOA, Rear Admiral Don Patricio Carrasco Hellwig, is one of the members representing the IHO before this Committee.

The goals of this Joint Project are:

• Develop and improve authoritative description of the depths of the global ocean.

• To be stablished in the designated international authority for the names of the undersea features.

• Improve in the development and application of seabed mapping technologies.

• Encourage and facilitate scientific cooperation for the exchange and preservation of depth data.

• Strengthen collaboration for the production of maps following global quality standards.

• Identify and recommend not probed areas to be represented cartographically.

• Promote education and training in ocean cartography.

• Gather cartographers and users of seabed information, to identify products widely used for education and science