Head of the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Chilean Navy, Captain Patricio Carrasco Hellwig received the Commander of the Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command of the United States Navy, Rear Admiral Brian B. Brown and his delegation on Wednesday, December 5.

During the official visit, Commander Carrasco explained to Rear Admiral Brown about the Hydrographic work that has been done jointly with the Fleet Survey Team of the South Command Of the American Navy in Puerto Tomé and Bahía San Vicente between September and November 2010, and the works done alongside the Naval Oceanographic Office of the United States (Navoceano) in Bahía Concepción and the Gulf Of Arauco on the ship tags 60 USNS Pathfinder between December 2010 and February 2011.

Rear Admiral Brown was also told about the works that will be performed between December 2012 and January 2013 in association with Novoceano in Valparaíso and the Gulf Of Arauco aboard Pathfinder.

The activity came to an end with the signing of the guestbook and the exchanging of protocol presents.