An exhibition workshop within the context of the CIMAR program, on the preliminary results of the CIMAR 17 Cruise Fiordos, took place in the auditorium of the center of odontology of the chilean navy in Valparaíso on November, 16. The preliminary results of the researches that are made on each cruise are revealed a year after they are carried out. On that opportunity, 16 scientists and technicians, on board of the Scientific ship Abate Moreno, operated by the institute of fishing development, participated on nine projects that were carried out between the areas of the Reloncaví estuary and the entrance of Guafo.

The workshop was opened by the Assistant Director of the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Chilean Navy Commander Enrique Silva Villagra and included the presence of 80 people, such as scholars, professionals and marine science students. The exhibitions were divided into two groups: Physical and chemical oceanography and biological oceanography.

The workshop ended with a presentation of the two thesis projects of the CIMAR scholarships in 2010, granted as an incentive to the students that elaborated their projects based on The CIMAR program data.