The international seminar " FP7 ERA CLIM: recovery and reanalysis of Geo Scientific information. Service application design and implementation of strategic decisions for adapting and mitigating the effects of environmental change in Chile" took place on November, 14 in the Henry Northcote auditorium at Universidad del Pacifico in Santiago, Chile.

The seminar was opened by The president of Universidad del Pacifico, Mr. Luis Winter and included the presence of the director of environmental and maritime affairs from the ministry of foreign affairs, ambassador Jose Luis Balmaceda, as well as authorities, scholars and special guests form the Chilean Navy, the Army , and the Air force. Lieutenant Commander Miguel Vasquez, chief of the oceanographic department, Captain Fernando Mingram, executive secretary of the National Oceanographic Committee (CONA), and civil employee Ms. Jenny Maturana attended the seminar on behalf of the Hydrographic and oceanographic service of the Chilean Navy.

During the seminar, Renowned international scientists unveiled what has been done in terms of the project ERA CLIM, which includes the typing and the reanalysis of the historic meteorological information provided by the weather bureau and the weather service department of the Chilean Navy, the National Maritime Museum, and the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Chilean Navy. Because the project contemplates the weather reconstruction, a better comprehension of the global weather change, the compilation of the Chilean data between the periods 1900 and 2012, and the creation of a national meteorological information base that is harmonized, comparable, and compatible with similar ones, the FP7 ERA CLIM is developing a tool to define strategies and policies for other regions around the world so they can implement the National Action Plan for Climate Change.