Vice admiral Cg. dem. Mr. Eduardo Redondo Aramburu, General Director for the research and development department of the Secretaría de Marina de Mexico ( Naval Secretariat) and the director of the tsunami warning center, Captain Mr. Luis Islas Martinez, visited the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Chilean Navy on November, 15 and were received by the Director of the service Captain Mr. Patricio Carrasco Hellwig.

The visit began with a presentation on the functioning of the service, highlighting the History, Organization, and the main activities as well as the products that the service elaborates. Right after the presentation the delegation was exposed to the processes of the cartographic flow and the simulation of the nautical chart at the premises of the Hydrographic department. Subsequently, the group visited the historical exhibition room and saw the proper functioning at the operations room of the national tsunami warning system and the official time.

At the end of the Exhibition, Vice Admiral Redondo signed the guestbook , and highlighted the labor that the service develops in terms of Hydrography and Oceanography.