Delegation of the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Chilean Navy, conformed by mr. Julio Castro Barraza and Ms. Jasna Haro Gomez took a professional internship at the premises of the Hydrographic Center of the Brazilian Navy. This internship focused on the modeling of the tides and currents in coastal and estuarine environments and it was framed on the cooperation agreements between the staff of the Chilean Navy and the Brazilian marine.

The internship's main objective was to get to know the Brazilian service experience on numeric modeling in the oceanographic environment, and the capabilities of the service's professionals and the models that have been implemented and used for such effects, focusing mainly on the usage of the numeric model of coastal waters SISBAHIA (Spanish for Sistema Base de Hidrodinámica Ambiental), which was implemented in 2007 to control the quality of the statistics registered on terrain coming from hydrographic and oceanographic commissions from Brazil as well as private and state entities.

The above-mentioned model was created by expert in coastal engineering Dr. Paulo Cesar Colonna Rosman, who showed and explained in full to the SHOA professionals during a visit they paid to the institute of mathematics and Naval and Oceanographic engineering of the Universidad Federal de Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).