On December 13th, in the Yard of Honor of the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Chilean Navy (SHOA, by its initials in Spanish) it was held the Internal Military Ceremony of Graduation for the class of Hydrography and Oceanography Officers, Category “A”; class of Graphic Arts for Seamen, and the end of the Academic Year 2013 of the Instruction Center, which was presided over by the Director and Head of the Center, Captain Mr. Patricio CARRASCO, the Ceremony was also attended by the Mexican Naval Attaché in Chile, Rear Admiral Mr. Alfonso FLORES. During this occasion two Chilean and one Mexican Officers graduated, along other 7 Sailors, who received a diploma for completing their course.

During his speech, Mr. CARRASCO highlighted the importance of the Instruction Center of the SHOA, recognized worldwide, since year 1971 it has graduated Specialist Officers and it is currently graduating Seamen as well. In addition, he reminded everyone present that the navy awaits with great expectations that the years they have been studying serve them well, and are the fuel for future actions that can take Hydrography and Oceanography to the highest development standards.

For the Sailors, he reminded them that they chose a specialty which in the past few years it has enriched with new techniques and processes, turning the graphic activity into a recognized artistic expression. Finally, he urged everyone to become the specialists that the Institution needs, and that he hopes they carry it out with professionalism.