Santiago. Communication Management of the Navy. The First Sailor, Nicole URREA, mechanic, hydrographer and oceanographer of the Hydrographic and Oceanographic of the Navy (SHOA, by its initials in Spanish), was selected to be part of the list 100 Leader Women 2013, award given by businesswomen and El Mercurio.

In a ceremony led by the President Sebastian PIÑERA, who attended the event as companion for his wife, who was also awarded, and carried out earlier this week at the newspaper premises, where the First Sailor Jacqueline RIFO, who by her professional merit was selected to receive the award on behalf of First Sailor URREA, who is currently on duty in a service commission.

Over 700 women were selected by the people through internet, in this the 12th version of the awards. The jury, composed by ministers, businesspeople, CEOs, newspaper managers and businesswomen, was in charge of selecting the 100 most notable women, among those there were 75 who had never been nominated, “which shows that there are many new female leaderships” said the Director of the newspaper El Mercurio, Cristian ZEGERS, and he also added: “all of them carry out activities that are very important for society, such as a Sailor of the Navy, who works to prevent the effects of a tsunami”.

The chosen women work in different spheres of society such as business, mining, academic, political, economic, etc. The First Sailor URREA is the only woman in the institution with her specialty. The First Sailor RIFO has a specialty on Graphic Arts, and is currently working for the Production Department of the SHOA. They both studied their specialties at the instruction Center of the SHOA.