On Friday, November 15th, at the premises of the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy (SHOA, by its initials in Spanish), it took place the 83rd Session of the Technical Council of Programming and Planning (CTPP, by its initials in Spanish) of the National Oceanographic Committee (CONA). The session was led by the Executive Secretary of the CONA, Captain Mr. Fernando MINGRAM and was attended by the presidents and representatives of the 9 work groups of the CONA.

On this occasion the Executive Secretary of CONA presented a summary with the main activities developed by the 9 work groups, on the second period of sessions during 2013. A brief report was also presented on the execution of the CIMAR 19 Fiordos Cruiseship, on board of the AGS 61 “Cabo de Hornos”.

One of the main tasks of the CTPP is to analyze the correct functioning of the work groups, and also advising and a counseling the CONA on the decision making process, and according to this, in this opportunity the application for membership of the Chilean Society of Marine Sciences (SCHCM, by its initials in Spanish) to the CONA was analyzed, being it unanimously approved. This decision will be presented for voting on the 131st Committee Assembly.