On Tuesday, December 30th, members of the First Colombian Scientific Expedition to the Antarctic held meetings with the personnel of the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Chilean Navy (SHOA) and members of the National Scientific Community, where they presented their investigation projects which will be carried out during this important commission, set to finish in March 2015.

During the activity, the Scientific Chief of the Expedition, Captain Ricardo Molares, expressed his gratitude towards the Chilean Navy for the support given throughout the preparation process and execution of this first expedition to the white continent, which will be joined by 20 researchers from different public and private universities of Colombia, as well as Non-Governmental Organizations, and other scientific entities, which will develop a total of 10 research projects that were selected through a process carried out by the National Committee of Antarctic Affairs of the Colombian Ocean Commission.

Commander Molares emphasized on the role that the Chilean Army has had, and specially the SHOA, for the training of the members of the Colombian Navy. He also emphasized on the hydrographic field, since during the expedition a joint work with the SHOA will take place, and it will consider the gathering of new bathymetric data to supplement the information that already exists with which the International Chart No. 9103 will be produced, by the SHOA.  

On the other hand, Commander of the ARC 20 de Julio, Captain Camilo Segovia, acknowledged the importance of the commitment of all the crew for the success of this important project as a country. He also explained the preparation they underwent with the Chilean Navy, which mainly included getting to know the experience that the Icebreaker “Almirante Óscar Viel” has had in the Antarctic Zone and the exchange of knowledge on scientific and cartographic levels, navigation help and the protocols and safety measures used in our country for this sort of activities.

Finally, the Minister Advisor of the Colombian Embassy in Chile, Mrs. Marta Galindo, expressed her gratitude for all the work and support provided by Chile in this important expedition, which has its origin in the Cooperation Agreement for Antarctic Affairs signed by both countries. “To Colombia this expedition is a beautiful challenge, into which the National Navy has poured its soul… the excitement of the entire nation is enormous”, she said.