At exactly 10:50 A.M. the professionals working in the Operations Room of the National Tsunami Warning System (SNAM), were ready to receive the information that would give way to this joint drill between the National Seismic Centre (CSN), the National Office of Emergencies of the Ministry of Interior and Public Safety (ONEMI), the SHOA and the residents of the area chosen as the new scenario where authorities and institutions worked together for the successful development of the activity.

This drill, whose seismic event was initially located 60 kilometers SW of Tirúa, is part of the ONEMI program “Chile Preparado” (Chile Prepared). Its goal is to ensure that the entire community adopts a culture of prevention and self-care in these situations. It also allows implementing the communication protocols between the entities involved in the management of an emergency, as well as conducting the evacuation plans of the population and improve reaction times. In this opportunity the participation of over 13 thousand people coming from the communities of San Juan de la Costa, Purranque, Calbuco, Maullín, Los Muermos, Fresia, Cochamó, Castro, Ancud, Quinchao, Puqueldón, Hualaihua and Chaitén was expected.

After the broadcasting of 5 bulletins and after an hour and ten minutes of uninterrupted communications and coordination between the entities involved in the drill, the simulation came to an end in the Region of Los Lagos.