As part of an Official Visit, on November 28th, the Chief of the Royal Navy of New Zealand, Real Admiral Mr. Jack Steer, visited the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy (SHOA), accompanied by the Director General of Finances of the Navy, Rear Admiral Mr. Kurt Hartung.

Upon arrival, the naval authority from New Zealand and his delegation were received by the Director General of the Maritime Territory and Merchant Marine Vice-admiral Mr. Humberto Ramirez and the Director of the SHOA, Rear Admiral Mr. Patricio Carrasco, who welcomed them and also made a presentation in which he covered the most important aspects of the duties of the Service, emphasizing the tasks performed by the Hydrography, Oceanography and Production departments, among others.

During the presentation Rear Admiral Carrasco stressed the role of the SHOA within the National Tsunami Warning System (SNAM) and the professional and technological level with which the Operations Room of the SNAM works, nerve center where all the processes and analyses of data received from different sources of information, such as the instrument’s placed along our country, as well as other institutions associated to the either national or international seismologic field.

The visitors could see the different dynamics generated between the SHOA, the National Seismic Centre (CSN) and the National Office for Emergencies of the Ministry of Interior and Public Safety (ONEMI) when a seismic event gathers all the characteristics that could lead to a tsunami, which immediately activates the Civil Protection System.

After the presentation, the visitors headed to the Operations Room of the SNAM where they could see for themselves the technological and professional level with which the Service is currently working.

By the end of the activity Rear Admiral Steer signed the Book for Distinguished Visitors of the SHOA, where he expressed his gratitude and recognition to the Service: “Thank you for such interesting presentation and tour of the premises. The SHOA is an amazing organization that you have established to provide protection and safety to the people of Chile. I hope New Zealand and Chile continue to work together to improve our ability to predict tsunamis”, he said.