On Tuesday, September 15, the Ceremony to commemorate the Forty-Fourth Anniversary of the National Oceanographic Committee (CONA) took place at the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy. The activity was presided over by the Director of Security and Maritime Operations, Rear-admiral LT, Mr. Iván Valenzuela Bosne.

During the event, which was attended by the Commander in Chief of the First Naval Zone, Rear-admiral Mr. Arturo Undurraga, and other representatives of scientific and academic world who belong to the different work groups of this Committee; the Director of the SHOA and the President of the CONA, Rear-admiral Patricio Carrasco mentioned the most important milestones of his duties during this 44 years, emphasizing among them the Program for Cruise ships for Marine Research in Remote Areas (CIMAR), which has been a great support since 1995 to the knowledge and sustainability of the channels and fiords in the south of Chile and oceanic islands, and whose 2015 version has as a main objective to provide continuity to the studies performed during the first Cruise ship carried out in islands, which involve several aspects of the oceanography, aquatic biodiversity, also including research of the geologic-marine area and anthropogenic influences.

Another important aspect during the ceremony was the launch of a new corporative logo of the CONA, which after a thorough work performed by the designers of the Production Department of the SHOA allows giving a new boost to the identity of this organism.

Later, the Executive Secretary of the Committee, Rear-admiral Mr. Victor Zanelli, acknowledged Professor Patricio Arana, for his outstanding career in research and teaching the sciences of the sea, and for being a permanent contribution to the duties of the CONA.

The announcement of the incorporation of the CONA as a Special Partner of the Chilean Society of the Sciences of the Sea had special importance during this anniversary, in this occasion the President, Mr. Marcelo Campos, addressed this important distinction and the challenges that they will have to solve together and promote to achieve greater scientific, economic, social and cultural knowledge of Chile in the area of the marine sciences. “The joint work, for which we are all willing to collaborate, will allow to ensure a coordinated, multidisciplinary, appropriately funded and with a long-term-goal scientific and technologic research. Like this, the dissemination of all the activities aimed to educate and sensitize the population about the marine scientific research and its benefits for the development of the country will be encouraged”, he said. After these words, the Rear-admiral Carrasco, accompanied by the Executive Secretary of the CONA, received the Certificate that confirms the incorporation of the Committee to the Chilean Society of Sciences of the Sea.