On Thursday, October 15th, the Master Chief Petty Officers of the First Naval Zone visited the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy (SHOA), accompanied by the Master Chief Petty Officer Daniel Bravo.

Upon arrival, the group was received by the Director of the Service, Rear-admiral Mr. Patricio Carrasco, who welcomed them and expressed how important it is for the Service that other members of the Institution know about the work done by the SHOA, beyond its responsibilities in the National Tsunami Warning System (SNAM), work well-known by the community due to the recent events that have affected the country.

Another discussed aspect during the presentation was the work done regarding scientific marine research, which is channeled through the National Oceanographic Committee (CONA), which, together with different public and private entities, develops diverse projects focused on the study of the marine biodiversity, the effects of “El Niño”, the exploitation of new marine resources, among others.

Later, the Officers learned about the functioning of the SNAM and the involved institutions in the management of an emergency. Additionally, they compared the different events that have generated in the country in the past few years according to their intensity, behavior and destruction level, as well as the technical and professional capacity of the SHOA to respond in a timely manner to the authorities responsible for protecting people’s lives.

After the presentation, the delegation toured the different departments of the Service, where they experienced, first-hand, some of the duties of the SHOA.

By the end of the activity, Master Chief Petty Officer Bravo expressed how important it was for the group to learn about the work performed by this Division. "This visit was very interesting, since many of us didn’t know the real functions of the Service and how important they are on a national level".