On December 11th, in the Yard of Honor of the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy (SHOA), it took place the Military Ceremony for the Closing of the Academic Year and Graduation of the Hydrography and Oceanography Officers Category “A” and the Hydrographic Surveyor and Oceanographer Mechanic class for Seamen, year 2015.

The activity was presided over by the Director and the Head of the Instruction Centre, Rear admiral Patricio Carrasco, and it was attended by the Naval Attaché from Mexico, Vice-admiral Mr. César Preciado, and the Argentinean Naval and Defense Attaché, Captain Mr. Fabián D’Angelo.

During the ceremony, the Director, emphasized the work done by the Instruction Centre of the SHOA, and gave a message to the graduating Officers. "This is the end of a long learning stage, which focused on taking you through the wide and fascinating world of Hydrography; experience that, without a doubt, has given direction for your professional and personal development, and at the Instruction Centre, satisfaction of having fulfilled, once again, with its educational task".

Rear Admiral Carrasco also expressed to the sailors graduating from the Instruction Centre that they have wisely chosen a path that will lead them to a world of possibilities for growth and development, personally and professionally. “You will be the real stars of future on-site campaigns, where you will be able to apply the knowledge you acquired, through the diverse and varied stages for capturing and processing of the hydro-oceanographic data; however, beyond the task that will have to perform, which we know will be done very professionally, you will need to become the advisers and closest team members to Officers and Chiefs with whom you will be interacting. Know how to apply your technical knowledge in every moment, so you can reach the success that every hydro-oceanographic campaign seeks”, he said.

After his speech, he acknowledged Argentinean Lieutenant Commander Mr. Luis Ernesto Melián, for being the best student in the Hydrography and Oceanography Category “A” Course, and Sailor Bastián Larracea for being the best student in the Hydrographic Surveyor and Oceanographer Mechanic Course.

" Finally, Rear admiral Carrasco, accompanied by the Deputy Director of the Service, Commander Enrique Silva and the Head of the Instruction Department, Lieutenant Commander Felipe Barrios, presented the graduating students with their certificates.