The Executive Director of the National Institute of Hydraulics, Engineer Mrs. Karla González Novion, accompanied by personnel and professionals of the Institute, visited the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy, on June 30. Upon their arrival, the delegation was welcomed by the Director of the Service, Rear-admiral Mr. Patricio Carrasco Hellwig.

After welcoming the visitors, Rear-admiral Carrasco made a presentation about the most important aspects of the Service, emphasizing its historic milestones which have forged the current status of the SHOA. He also talked about the process involved in the production of National Nautical Cartography, task executed with preciseness and a great sense of responsibility, because the safety of hundreds of navigators and vessels on national waters depend on it.

The Director also discussed the National Tsunami Warning System (SNAM), explaining the technical and professional resources of the Operations Room of the SNAM to face an emergency, as well as all the improvements implemented after the earthquake and tsunami in 2010. The latest upgrade is the incorporation of the Integrated Prediction System and Tsunami Alert (SIPAT), inaugurated on May 20.

After the presentation, the visitors toured the SNAM where they could see the different national and foreign platforms, which deliver important data for the decision-making process in terms of seismic information or sea-level monitoring, among others.

As important as the technological aspect in this matter is the professional ability of those working in the SNAM, all of them are specialists trained to fulfill their duties in different work stations. They provide the necessary and timely information to those making the decisions on whether to alert the authorities in charge of the safety of the population or not, as well as informing the Naval and Maritime departments.

Finally, the Executive Director of the INH thanked the SHOA for the opportunity to visit the Service, acknowledging the importance of the daily work performed by the Service to serve its community and country.