The celebration of the 142 anniversary of the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy was commemorated with a ceremony led by the Commander in Chief of the Navy, Admiral Enrique Larrañaga Martin, on April 29.

The Director of the Service, Rear-admiral Mr. Patricio Carrasco, gave a speech emphasizing the contributions of the SHOA in the development of the country and the Navy, considering that the Service is much more than the published nautical charts, he focused his words on the question of what would happen in the country without our hydrographic service. He identified some of the most likely situations that could happen if there were no nautical charts on paper nor electronic formats, or any other pertinent publications: ships and other vessels would not being able to safely navigate our coasts, diminishing the transportation and maritime trade, communications and tourism would be affected, there would be no technical or scientific knowledge about the characteristics or variability of our oceans, restricting scientific-marine research as well as the gathering and delivery of information.

He also mentioned that the accomplishments of the Service during these 142 years were and continue to be possible thanks to the staff of the Service, who have daily fulfilled their duties, incorporating their own ideas and knowledge, much of which they have acquired at the Service. .

A special recognition to the staff with 10, 20 and 30 years of service took place during the ceremony, in which the Director emphasized the professionalism of the members of the staff, who in many occasions must postpone their families or face extreme conditions to carry out the their tasks, all of them, activities that have allowed to place the SHOA as a Service of Excellency, which bring pride not only to the people who work here but also to the Chilean Navy and a country that demands and deserves to have a Service with the highest standards. .

Admiral Larrañaga sent a special greeting to all the staff of the Service: "the great message is that the SHOA is vital to the development of the country, and that is in most part due to the dedicated work and professionalism of every single person working here. I want to greet everybody working in this building, those in fieldwork, who permanently have the hard but necessary task of working on site, essential for the development of subsequent activities , and those that provide their support working at the SHOA, on this 142 anniversary I want to acknowledge and thank you for all the work done for this Service that has made it not only known in Chile, but internationally and it has made it a reliable and professional entity thanks to you, so thank you for all the work, it is a great contribution to the Service, the Navy and the country". .

Finally, the Admiral gave the Service a frame, as a present, containing all the units that have been part of the national hydrographic and oceanographic field. .