The Farewell Ceremony for Personnel transshipment and for personnel going into retirement took place in the Yard of Honor of the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy (SHOA) on 6 December. The ceremony was presided over by the Director of the Service Mr. Patricio Carrasco.

After handing them out presents to those leaving the Service, the Director acknowledged the work and commitment to all those who have been part of the SHOA and that today come to an end in their professional and personal lives. “I would like to say thank you to those doing transshipment today or are retiring from the Service, for your commitment, devotion, and responsibility and for your contribution to the Institution, to the Navy, and to the country. Thank you for the support ant continuous work which, without a doubt, has placed the SHOA where it stands today”.

Finally, Rear admiral Carrasco emphasized the distinguishing features of those parting ways with the Service, encouraging them to keep the connection and feel part of this Division which, as a great family, has overcome difficult moments, and that should make you proud. “It is not easy saying goodbye to those who have spent so much time serving our Institution. There are countless memories and situations we have all experienced together, which are now part of the history of the Service. Today a phase ends and all we want to do is wish you the best in what is next, always reminding you that this is your home.”