With the presence of the Chaplain of the First Naval Zone, Father Juan Carlos Molina González and the National Evangelical Chaplain of the Navy of Chile, Bishop Reverend Rene Ojeda Oyarzun, on Thursday, August 25, the consecration and blessing of the new Ecumenical Chapel enabled at the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy.

The ceremony was led by the Director of the SHOA, Rear Admiral Mr. Patricio Carrasco Hellwig, and was also attended by members of the Divison. During the ceremony Admiral Carrasco emphasized the importance that has counting on these spaces for prayer, where people can go freely according to their own needs and beliefs, creating an environment that invites reflection, meditation, communion and permanent reuniting with Christ.

During the activity, Chaplain Molina emphasized that the opportunity that the service has now, to have this special place, reflects the level of spirituality of the people working for this Service, who, somehow, have given the Lord the space He deserves in their lives, their work and their daily work.

Meanwhile, Reverend Ojeda said that the need for these initiatives can be replicated elsewhere. “This spiritual place is very propitious, a very favorable gift and a benefit for our faith, and transversal to the entire Christian expression," he said.

Later, Admiral Carrasco mentioned how rewarding it has been being able to achieve the implementation of this Chapel in the Service. "This is a highly demanding Division product of the various tasks that it must fulfill, which makes us worried and always aware of what can happen. Our people need prayer, meditation and God's help to enlighten and lead them to always do good, not only in our task to warn the community about natural disasters, but also in the operations we do on site where people are subject to risks, so it is good to have a place to commend themselves and be thankful".

It is worth mentioning that the remodeling and implementation of the Ecumenical Chapel were performed entirely by SHOA staff, who managed to fulfill a longing that existed for years within this Service and that today is a reality.