Within the framework of agreements between General Staffs from the Navies of Chile and Portugal, the Director of the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy (SHOA), Captain Patricio CARRASCO H. and the Chief of Plans and Operations Department Commander Enrique SILVA V. visited the Hydrographic Institute of Potugal, in order to share experiences in the Hydrography, Cartography and Oceanography areas in addition to the extention of the Continental Shelf.

The delegation was welcomed by the Director of the Hydrographic Institute of Portugal, Vice Admiral Agostino RAMOS DA SILVA., and then it was carried out a technical meeting program and visits that included the facilities of the Institute, located in Lisboa; the Hydro-Oceanographic N.R.P. “D. Carlos I” and Azinheira Naval Facilities.

Consequently, the Director of SHOA made a presentation about the work of the Service and future Hydro-Carto- Oceanographic Projects.