Between Monday 14th and Friday 18th of November, in facilities of Bernardo O’Higgings Military School, Santiago, was developed the Annual Conference of the International Geographic Union (UGI 2011), and had the presence of a number of people and leading experts in the field, having access to the development of new world-class technology in the area of geography and related disciplines. This year’s version was organized by the Military Geographic Institute (IGM) and the events production company FISA S.A.

In this conference, the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy (SHOA), was present with a stand and specialist staff, explaining about planning processes, hydrographic surveys, Paper and Electronic Nautical Charts’ printing and production that generated great interest among visitors.

At UGI 2011 inauguration ceremony attended on behalf of SHOA, its Director Captain Patricio CARRASCO H., Deputy Director Commander Álvaro CARRASCO F. and the Chief of Planning and Operations Department, Commander Enrique SILVA V.

In UGI 2011 technical activities was considered also, a visit to SHOA by those attending the aforementioned conference, which took place on Thursday, November 17th. Here they were given a presentation in the Conference Room and then visited the Hydrographic and Production Departments.