An internal Military Ceremony took place at the court yard of the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Chilean Navy on December, 18. The Ceremony marked the Graphic Arts Class graduation of 8 seamen recruits and it was chaired by the Head of the Service and chief of the Instructional Center, Captain Patricio Carrasco.

During the Ceremony, that was attended by the whole staff of the service, teachers, relatives, Captain Carrasco addressed the audience and especially the graduates to highlight the relevance of having specialists in this area because of its importance and significance to the Service and the whole Institution.

After that, the Chief of the Instructional Center accompanied by the Instructional Department, Commander Juan José Piñeiro handed out the diplomas to the seamen recruits specialists and gave Sea-woman recruit, Romina Mardones Ortega a present for ranking first in her class.

At the end of the Ceremony the whole staff sang the Chilean Navy Anthem "Brazas a Ceñir"