The Workshop on Geospatial database processing and administration took place at the Brazilian Hydrography and Navigation Direction in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro between November 26 and November 30. The instance was organized by the Hydrographic regional commission of the southwest atlantic and it was partially sponsored by the International Hydrographic Organization, through the Subcommittee of Capacity Building, involving participants of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, and Uruguay As well as the Brazilian representatives.

Mr. Jorge Henriquez from the Hydrographic Department, attended the workshop on behalf of the Southeast Pacific Hydrographic Commission.

Workshop topics included theoretical sessions on Spatial Data Infrastructure, its management and development, Metadata Introduction and Creation, Data Modeling and Specification Development, Standard Revision, Data Publishing and Training Practical Exercises from the company Caris, through its Caris HydrographicProduction database Modules, Caris Bathy Database and Caris Spatial Fusion Enterprise.