Those who don't have the opportunity of seeing the sea can hardly imagine the countless advantages, benefits and potenctial offered by this important resource in the entire country.

In relation to this, the Maritime League of Chile has carried out the Approach to the Sea course since 1971. Its purpose is to create maritime awareness among young students and get them ready to acquire more knowledge on the topic.

As part of the program, the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy (SHOA) was invited to participate giving lectures and opening its doors to the young students. It was like this that on August 19th, Captain Oscar Henriquez, Chief of Nautical Publications of the Hydrography Department of the SHOA made a presentation about “Navigation and Cartography” explaining the whole process to design and produce a paper or electronic Nautical Chart. He also mentioned the instruments used for navigation by the ships, for which Nautical Charts are an essential element.

Later, on Thursday August 21st, Cesar Nuñez, Oceanographer of the Service, made a presentation about “Huge Waves and Alert System”, developing in general terms the process for generation of earthquakes and tsunamis; the production of Flood Charts and the role of the SNAM in the monitoring and diffusion to authorities in the different states of emergency.

Finally, on Saturday August 23rd the students visited the SHOA accompanied by Captain Enrique Maldonado from the Maritime League of Chile, where they saw the Operations Room of the SNAM; The Hydro-Cartographic Flow; The Exposition Room; The Official Time and the Historic Gallery.