As part of the permanent coordination between the SHOA and the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO), on Wednesday May 6, a delegation from this office composed of its Executive Director Mr. John Humphrey, the Head of international Partnering (America) Mr. Chris Thorne and the Chief of Staff, miss Tess Dekkers, were received by the Deputy Director of the Service, Commander Mr. Enrique Silva.

During their visit, a technical meeting took place to discuss topics of interest regarding the areas of hydrography and oceanography, which are mainly linked to the production of Electronic Nautical Charts and new technological developments to support the control of the processes of production.

After the meeting, the visitors toured the Departments of the Service, where they learned more about the processes of production of a Nautical Chart, as well as about the protocols that take place at the Operations Room of the National Tsunami Warning System when it comes to facing an emergency.

By the end of the tour, the delegation of the UKHO emphasized the high level in which the Service is, placing it as one of the most developed in the region.