As part of the First meeting of Welfare Directors and Order and Safety Directors of the Armed Forces, Rear-admiral Mr. Pablo Lubascher, accompanied by the Army General Mr. Oscar Alvarez, Air Brigade General Mr. Rodrigo Alarcón, Police General Mr. Víctor Herrera and Prefect Inspector of Investigations Mr. Luis Bravo visited the Service in the morning of April 10th.

After being welcomed, the Officers were part of a presentation made by the Deputy Director of the Service, who explained part of the history, mission, structure and activities carried out by the different departments of the Service.

During the presentation, the role that the SHOA has within the National Tsunami Warning System (SNAM), and the technical and professional advances that have been implemented in the Operations Room of the SNAM were also discussed.

They toured the main areas of work in the Departments of Hydrography and Oceanography, where they learned about the different processes for the production of a Nautical Chart, as well as the dynamics in the Operations Room of the SNAM when facing an emergency.

At the end of the visit, Rear-admiral Lubascher said: “The SHOA has had an exponential modification in terms of technology… this development has been going on for 20 years, but since 2010 it has been astonishing.”, he emphasized.