On Thursday March 20th, at 19 hours and 45 minutes (Local Time), the Autumn Equinox will take place, event when the sun stops lightening the Southern Hemisphere directly, to start lightening the Northern Hemisphere, giving the official start to the Autumn season in the South and Spring season in the north.

When the sun reaches the equator line, the solar rays fall straight on Earth, which allows daylight to last as much as the night, this phenomenon is known as Equinox, and it occurs twice a year, in March and in September.

Equinoxes happen in the same date for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, so when the Autumn Equinox occurs in the Southern Hemisphere, the Vernal Equinox happens in the Northern Hemisphere and vice versa, depending if the direction of the apparent motion of the sun over the Earth is from South to North or from North to South.