In the context of his official visit to Chile, the Chief of Naval Operations of the United States Navy, Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert, visited the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy (SHOA), on Monday January 12th. He was joined by the Director of the National Maritime Territory and Merchant Marine, Vice-admiral Osvaldo Schwarzenberg, and the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Navy, Rear-admiral José Miguel Rivera.

Upon his arrival, Admiral Greenert was received by the Director of the SHOA, Rear-admiral Patricio Carrasco, who welcomed him to the premises of the Service and then gave a presentation focused on the most important aspects of the duties of the Service, emphasizing the role of the SHOA, the National Office of Emergencies and Public Safety of the Ministry of Interior (ONEMI), and the National Seismic Centre (CSN) in the management of emergencies in the event of an earthquake, which might originate a tsunami.

After the presentation, the group visited the Time Station, the Operations Room of the National Tsunami Warning System (SNAM), where Admiral Greenert was able to see all the equipment and interaction between the different institutions when an emergency arises, as well as the degree of responsibility and the permanent alert status that those working in the SNAM must have.

After the tour, Admiral Greenert was invited to sign the Book for Distinguished Visitors of the SHOA where he expressed how grateful he was and his impressions regarding his visit by saying: “…you have a remarkable combination of science, technology, command and control. The discipline and the connection with the Emergency Committees are amazing”.