On August 4th, representatives from the National Office of Emergencies and Public Safety of the Ministry of Interior (ONEMI) led by its Director, Mr. Ricardo Toro, and the Director of the National Seismic Center (CSN), Dr. Sergio Barrientos, held a work meeting at the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy (SHOA).

During the meeting, in which also participated the Director of the Service, Rear admiral Patricio Carrasco, the progress of the different existing protocols between these organizations was discussed; these establish the lines of action and responsibility that corresponds to each of them in the event of a tsunami in the Chilean coasts. 

In addition, the importance of having a well-informed community on what to do in case of emergency was highlighted. The call is to continue working for the society to acquire a culture of self-care that allows them identify and take the necessary actions in the face of an event of such characteristics. 

On the other hand, the authorities went over some aspects of the bill established by the National System of Risk and Emergency Management that creates the new National Service of Risk and Emergency Management; which will replace the existing ONEMI.

After the meeting, the Directors committed to keep on working in the materialization and optimization of every procedure that takes place at the moment of facing an emergency and that allows the authorities and the general community to react in a timely, efficient manner.