At 11 in the morning, on Wednesday August 5th, it took place the Drill of the Integral Plan for School Safety in the Region of Antofagasta; activity organized by the Unidad de Simulacros y Simulaciones (Drill and Simulation Unit) and the Centro Nacional De Alerta Temprana (National Center for Early Alert) of the National Emergency Office of the Ministry of Interior and Public Safety (ONEMI). The Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy (SHOA), and the National Seismic Center (CSN) also participated in the drill

This drill was based on a seismic event located 68 kilometers south-west of Tocopilla, with a depth of 28 kilometers and a magnitude of 8.2 in the Richter scale, and it had as an objective to assess the safety conditions and preparedness of the school community in the region, to measure evacuation times for the educational establishments, and to promote the participation of the students, the self-care and preventive awareness during an emergency.

The Fourth Naval Zone and the Naval Authorities of Antofagasta were also involved in the drill.