The Director of Ports and Coasts of the Brazilian Navy, vice admiral Mr. Wilson Pereira de Lima Filho; the Director of the General Maritime Directorate of Colombia, vice admiral Mr. Pablo Romero Rojas; the National Director of the Aquatic Spaces of the Ecuadorian Navy, rear admiral Mr. Carlos Albuja Obregón and the General Naval Sub-prefect of Paraguay, Captain DEM Mr. Pedro Vallejos Denis; all of them accompanied by a delegation of DGTM officers led by its Director, Vice admiral Mr. Osvaldo Schwarzenberg Ashton, visited the premises of the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy (SHOA,) on August 26th, as part of the commemorative activities of the 167th Anniversary of the General Directorate of the Maritime Territory and Merchant Marine (DGTM).

The Director of the SHOA, rear admiral Patricio Carrasco Hellwig, welcomed them and gave them a presentation of the most important aspects of the duties of the Service, emphasizing the historic facts that have helped forged what this entity has become. In addition, he also mentioned the entire process for the elaboration of the National Nautical Cartography, task thoroughly and responsibly executed, since the safety of hundreds of ships and vessels that sail along the Chilean coasts depend on it. 

Another point the Director addressed was the educational role of the Service through its Instruction Center, where the Category “A” Hydrography and Oceanography Course is taught. This program is recognized worldwide, and it has trained more than 70 Chilean and foreign Officers.

Finally, the Director explained how the National Tsunami Warning System (SNAM) works, and also mentioned the technical and professional abilities that the Operations Room of the SNAM has to face an emergency, on top of all the improvements that took place after the earthquake and tsunami of 2010.

After the exposition, the foreign maritime authorities toured the departments of the Service, seeing on site the permanent and dedicated work of those who work there.

By the end of the tour, the Officers were invited to sign the Book for Distinguished Visitors of the SHOA, where they expressed how they feel about the important labor of the SHOA.

"Their tradition of professionalism and excellence is perceived in every employee, in every department, in every detail. You are a reason of pride for the Sea People…" wrote the Director of the General Maritime Directorate of Colombia, Vice admiral Mr. Pablo Romero Rojas.